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CDIO Meeting Umeå

Greetings to my musings and ramblings on Engineering and Computing Education Research (EER and CER). This first installment is notes and impressions from the Nordic CDIO conference in Umeå on the 5th and 6th of October 2010. Happy reading, Arnold. Day 1: Interesting presentations at the schools of Architecture and Design at Umeå University. The highly interactive and student focused approaches adopted in Design and Architecture are very interesting as a contrast to the more traditional engineering course structure. Two thirds of the teaching in the design school was done by staff from industry, and the financial and time committment from industry was considerable. To sustain this model the school admitted only 60 students per year, and had a total of approximately 100 staff and 150 students. Student body was very international with 29 nationalities represented. Day 2: Lennart Nilsson, Umeå Talked about the structure of their programmes and the processes they use to gath